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New grad RN leaving 1st job after 7 months

by ama11a ama11a, BSN (New) New

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This past summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to get hired as a new grad in one of Texas' best Pediatric units with an amazing training program: a 15 week orientation, nurse residency, funding for PALS certification- the list of how good they've been to me goes on.

However- and this is not something I'd planned (as my fiancé and I were merely "talking" at the start of my hire), I am getting married and moving to Midland in March-May, and am going to have to leave with only 7-9 months of investment into my hospital.

So this leaves several questions for me.

How should I tell my manager/ co-workers, and when? I'm looking for nurses who've left their order jobs this early and/ or managers who have had the frustration of their new grads leaving so early. I in no way saw this in the cards when I applied, but now it it and while I'm super happy I know it will be a big blow to my unit.

Any thoughts?

Much appreciated!

nursephillyphil, BSN, RN

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best way to tell them is straightforward and early

ORgeneralsurgeryassist, BSN

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I have this problem too, I might be leaving my job 6-8 months after working because this job just isn't the right fit for me.