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New Grad RN Jobs

by Ki3la Ki3la (New) New

SO I recently moved to San Diego due to my husband being in the military. I took my boards in Florida and passed in August. My license was just accepted and endorsed into California(took 4 months!!) and now im looking for a job. Any idea on places that will hire new grads? I have gotten so many rejection letters due to wanting a year in the field. I have looked at UC San Diego and few other new grad programs but I know space is tight.


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CA is the most impacted state in the US, and San Diego (along with LA, SF and Sac) are among the most impacted cities in the US. Keep applying, work any contacts you've made, apply with the base, and just stay on top of it. Look at non-hospital jobs, too. Check out Craigslist and the San Diego Reader.