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New grad RN jobs in Denver

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I am currently in my last semester of nursing school, and will graduate in December. I am looking for new grad jobs available in Denver. I am most interested in ICU but I understand that Denver is competitive so I am willing to apply for anything and everything.

Anyone know what my chances are of getting an ICU job? or of finding a job at all?

I know there is a nurse residency program at children's and HealthOne but looks like the application process doesn't start for awhile.....

maybe I'm starting the app process too early just anxious to secure my job!!!!!!!

thanks for your help :)

allycat77, BSN, RN

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I recently moved from AWAY from the area, but went to nursing school in CO, and started at a Denver hospital as a new grad. I worked at the hospital as a CNA while I was in school, and until very recently, the dept I worked for would only hire new grads from their current employees. I think it is possible, (never say never), but there are MANY nursing schools in the area with students that have done their clinicals there. I would definitely try to apply for new grad residency programs if you have a BSN, and try for hospitals that are magnet. I feel like they hire a lot of out-of-state new grads. Oh, and if your senior practicum is in ICU, that should definitely help.