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New grad RN applying for jobs


So I graduated in May of this year with my ADN. I've been an LPN for almost 5yrs now working in LTC. I live in ohio and jobs are scarce as far as acute care is concerned. I've applied for more than 60 jobs in the past two weeks and have had two very promising interviews one ended where the manager had already filled the job I came in for but must have seen something in me or needed ppl badly b/c she set me up with a job shadow. I'm not extremely excited even though this is one of the biggest and busiest hospitals in ohio mainly because it seemed like an extremely busy floor.. it just wasn't what I expected as a new rn first job. I guess I was expecting at typical med surg floor..

This is the Advanced treatment area and express admissions. They do outpatient procedures or treatments of various types. Myelograms, arteriograms, blood transfusions, therapeutic phlebotomy, PICC line insertions, CT and US guided biopsies, MRIs with sedation, facet injections, lumbar punctures, IV administration of medicines and/or fluids, vascular angioplasty, aspiration of cysts, thoracentesis, paracentesis, chemotherapy administration and lithotripsy.

Needless to say I'm a big scardy cat afraid that it might be too busy. What does everyone else think is really what I want to know?

I've been praying about all of this for a long while now and also have interviews set up for this wk with a childrens hospital and another local hospital. I'm really surprised especially with children's hospital because I'm not highly in tune with kids but feel like it would be very refreshing compaired to LTC. Might even be where I feel at home which is what I want more than anything. Just looking for any thoughts at all really. I'm sure I'll take whatever I can get.

So I just went in today to job shadow for four hours. I love it so far! Lots of older nurses who seem more than willing to help out. I just hope getting to learn the computer system isn't too bad. Lots of training I'm sure coming up. Hopefully it'll all be worth it in the end:) Hopefully they will tolerate a new person in the group.

Quick update.. i took two of the jobs that were offered to me. One at a local hospital and the other at an LTAC facility. Love love the hospital they work off epic and manager is supper supportive.. I've found that i am an invaluable part of their team at the hosp. In LTC i really learned how to time manage and task manage which is huge in a procedure area getting pts in and out quickly.. nurses that have been there 45yrs look at me as an equal after being there only 6 short months.. LTAC is good too but in reality you have 5-6 critical care pts on ventilators with stressed family members.. its too much like LTC plus hospital bc you have way too many critical pts. Id rather go to hosp ICU and have 2-3 critical pts that'd be way more manageable. In all i had interviews at every place i applied for! I had my pick of jobs and my LPN experience was valued at every job! I have hurdled through my basic fears of chemo administration down to starting 10 IVs per shift.. its totally exciting every day and God is soo good!