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New Grad Residency Application...What should I do?

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Hi everyone, 

Like many New Grads, I am applying to New Grad Residency programs to get into my desired unit (NICU). I had a couple questions, and was also wondering if I could email/message my resume and cover letter for people to look over and hopefully give me advice on how to enhance it so I stand out from the crowd. 

On to my dilemma. I recently started a private duty job with a pediatric patient. I have received training on vents, trachs, gtubes, etc. Also, I have had hands on experience with these devices with the child I'm caring for. It is 2 days a week at night and I have always been honest with my employer and family that I am actively looking for a full time position in a hospital. I really love the position, and want to keep it with a full time job, but I realize with orientations/preceptorship that I would probably on another person's schedule. I don't want to take myself out of the running by stating that I am not available to work those nights. 

Should I put this on my resume or leave it off? Putting it on will show that I have experience with these devices and the pediatric population, but I don't want them to think that I am quickly dropping this family or that I am not as available as other applicants. What should I do? 

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Keep this experience on your resume!!!!! Its great! The experience of vents, trachs, and gtubes all coincides with NICU skills.

Dont worry about them thinking negatively about your job you have now. You dont need to justify availability. However, you may have to give more time to the new grad program that you get into. When that time comes you can make your decision of what you would like to do with your private duty case.

Good luck!

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