New Grad Relocating to Phoenix


Hi Everyone! I will be graduating this Wednesday (12/10/14) with my BSN, and will be relocating to Phoenix in May (just found out this morning-military husband). I am currently looking for residency programs to apply to. I've seen that Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center has one, but I can not find any information on it. I'm too late for Mayoclinic. If anyone has any information or can direct me somewhere to get more info, that would help greatly! .... Or if you have any tidbits a new grad RN should know before moving to Phoenix, that'd be wonderful too!

P.S. If need be, I am able to relocate sooner than May if necessary.

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Welcome to! Early congrats on your graduation! Good Luck on your job search! I'm sure users from AZ will have some insights for you!