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HELP~! I heard the economy is so bad that even the new grad programs in bay area hospitals are becoming cut short! Is this true? And if not, then which hospitals still have new graduate programs? I've actually done some job searching right now, and most say they desire a year or more experience if we want to be hired.

Fill me in.. what do you guys know?

Thank you.


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I don't know what the job market was a year or 2 years ago, but from what I have seen, there are few opportunities for new grads anywhere in the state at this time. Also, most places have programs that start in early summer (for people who graduate around that time, I suppose), winter, and a few scattered here and there, so it will seem like no one is hiring right now. There are some upcoming new grad programs next year, so there is hope!

I have created a website (links in my signature) to make it easier for people to look for new grad programs. I'm currently running through the list now, but there are a few job listings up right now.

I haven't seen many openings in the Bay Area, but I know UC Davis has openings, and Stanford/Lucile Packard has a new grad program coming up in October.

Good luck with your job search!


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hey I'm unable to find the links in your signature? Thanks for the reply by the way!


nevermind I found the link. lol I wanted to share the link so its' on my facebook now. hope you dont mind.. thanks again!!!

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