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New Grad Program Vs. LA County


Hello all! I’m a new graduate and have recently gotten my RN license as of March 2020. I am currently struggling upon which job offer I should go towards. I was offered a new grad position at Centinela Healthcare under Pioneer Staffing. I also recently received an email from the LA county saying my application for a position as an RN/Relief Nurse was accepted.

The reason I am struggling to make a decision is because I understand the LA County can take a few months to be processed and to actually get “hired.” However, for Centinela, it would be an immediate position but under a 2 year contract. I have heard good things from their program. The only downside is pay. I am not sure if I should continue to wait for the LA County job with potentially greater benefits when there is a job offer already presented to me. As a new grad, I understand we cannot be picky about pay as it is extremely difficult to find a job as a new grad. However, I am just a bit hesitant about accepting the Centinela position if the LA county one responds back. Should I continue to wait or accept the new grad position in order to gain experience? Any advice helps, thank you all so much and I hope you all are staying safe!

Hi! I am in a similar position. Just curious which job offer you ended up taking? Was the LA County position for a correctional facility or is that another hospital? I am new to the are and trying to navigate the new grad RN process out here. Thanks and best of luck!