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I am a new graduate nurse and I will be starting a job in a nurse residency as a PICU nurse very soon. Although I am very excited to be starting off in the specialty I’m passionate about, I can’t help but to be terrified at the same time. PICU seems like a hard place for a new grad nurse to start, and I have heard on different forums and from people about new grads not being able to handle ICU settings. I really want to be as successful as possible while maintaining my mental health. With that being said, from ICU/PICU/NICU/any critical care nurses, what is the best advice you can give me for starting this job?



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Know your emergency meds and drips. Make sure you have all of your emergency supplies at the bedside and functional. Know when to ask for help, know when to say no.

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I went straight from school into the PICU about 11 years ago and it was scary, but if you have a good preceptor, you will be ok. Go over PALS again, so you know your meds. lab values and vitals (highs and lows). You should only have 2 patients at a time and on Orientation, hopefully they'll only make you concentrate on one at the beginning. MAKE SURE you ask for help no matter how embarrassing it may seem. You have to learn NOW, not when you're by yourself. Good Luck!!