New Grad Peds vs Periop 101 opportunity

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Hi, I'm a new grad May 2020, and I have a job at a pediatric hospital lined up on a floor that I love with a director that I love, but lower pay. I have been wanting to work peds, but I got an opportunity for a periop residency at an adult hospital with a 3 year commitment. I feel like the periop is such a rare opportunity. Help! What should I choose?

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Which one meets your goals better? A job that has a purpose/aligns with your goals is going to be more satisfying career.

There is also more to look at than just the number of dollars per hour- what about benefits, paid time off, paid holidays, retirement contributions, etc? Those should also be considered as part of your compensation plan. A higher salary can be wiped out by an increase in insurance premiums or a lower salary offset by employer matching contributions into a retirement fund.



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Thank you Rose_Queen, this is very helpful. This is true, in looking at the benefits package, the peds job does have better 401k match with the lower salary. And I think the peds job aligns with my goals of patient interaction. Plus no contract.