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New grad with PALS certification?

sequinhat sequinhat (New) New

Hello everyone.

I am a new BSN grad (graduated in May). I was wondering, do you think it's a good idea to get my PALS certification to increase my marketability? I already have BLS and I take ACLS on monday.

Side note, is there a way to take an EMT-Basics courses in less than 6 months?

Thank you for your input!


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Any extra certification will up your market value! No education is wasted. PALS would be something I would go for! I plan on getting my ACLS as soon as I can. Many of the nurses I work with have their PALS.

firstinfamily, RN

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Anytime you can get certified in a specialty it increases your value to the employer. It also depends on where you work if you can apply the certification you are seeking, it is sometimes pointless to get a certification if you are not going to use it. PALS usually comes in handy for ER or post-op environments, working in a pediatric specialty unit. Even though you are a new grad, it is important to market yourself as someone who wants a challenge and can meet those challenges. These certifications will not guarantee you a position, you will still need the basic med-surg experience but they will help to promote you to higher standards and positions. In nursing you need to constantly be challenging yourself, no rest for the weary!!! Good for you to want to do this!!