New grad orientation

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I know as a new grad I combed the posts about new grad orientation as I nervously waited for my first day on the unit. I worried about all the skills I didn't practice in school, all the computer charting I was "fuzzy" on, and whether I would get a scary preceptor that would eat me alive and tell me I wasn't cut out for nursing.

Here is a positive story to balance out some of the bad experiences that I've read about orientation. (Not that their stories aren't valid... Just another side of the coin).

My preceptor is a great teacher. She lets me do what I'm comfortable with and answers every stupid question I have. I don't get huffs/sighs even if I've asked before. "You put the wrong cap on that tubing? Oh, no problem. Let me show you the right way." I get positive reinforcement all day. I live off those compliments on days that I feel like I'm not doing so hot.

She's hilarious, curses like a sailor, and tells wildly inappropriate jokes. She catches doctors mistakes left and right. 85% of her patients ask for a hug before she leaves her shift. And you know what? She doesn't cut me down and she treats me like I'm on her level.

I don't feel like I'm a genius every day and marvel at how easy it is. I struggle through it all just like all the other new grads. But she has made me feel welcome, and it makes want to work my butt off to impress her (and myself of course). Just wanted to leave all those nervous new grads who are preparing for the worst as I did. I'll have to pay it forward to the new grads I will train one day.

Good luck to you all!!


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Thanks alot for the positive encouragement! Happy to know you've had an positive experience versus some of the nightmares I read about.

I pray my upcoming orientation is a positive one as well!

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That's the type of preceptor I'm inspiring to be (minus cursing like a sailor) as I start my new role as preceptor on my unit.

When I was a new grad I had a wonderful preceptor who I could easily ask questions and she challenged me in great ways to make me better. We often vent here on allnurses, but I believe the great preceptors all across the country aren't being talked about as much.

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It is great that you have such a wonderful preceptor! Congratulations on your new position as a nurse.


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I don't mind the cursing like a sailor- I appreciate that she trusts me enough to give me the unfiltered version of herself. On the other hand, I understand how that may not be a quality that you aspire to as you orient new hires 😉

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I just don't curse, period. I show my unfiltered self to any student/orientee without a curse word leaving my mouth. :yes:


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How to find Any place offering especially welcoming-to-new-grad-jobs RN not BSN YET.. Any ideas how to search ??