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As a new grad, what kind of orientation did you have?

  1. 1. As a new grad, what kind of orientation did you have?

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      hospital had new grad program
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      A month
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      A week
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      Until they felt I was ready
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      Baptism By Fire!

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As a new graduate, what was your orientation? I've spoken to people who have had training with CRNA at their new jobs for a month or so. Then I know of others who had their own room on the first day. What was your experience?


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I had my own room right away, but it was fine. I'd been to several clinical sites as a student, so it was like a new site. Where I am now, new staff get an in depth tour and orientation to the computer system prior to the first clinical day. Someone checks on them the first OR day or two every couple of hours and they have a basic room. After that they are moved into all cases.

Same as loveanesthes. As a New Grad it was half a week/a week of orientation in bread and butter rooms, then on your own. Heart team at my hospital was 3 CABGs with someone else after I was working for 3 months. Every hospital is different though, just as every New Grad is different.