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Im here in Bay are and I couldn't find a job as an RN. Ive been a RN in other countries for quite awhile and I have a year of ICU experience. I just passed the NCLEX RN exam last Oct 2008 and until now I can't find a position in the hospital. I've applied in different hospitals but they would tell me I should have at least 1 year US experience. trying to apply for new grad but they only cater 2008 and 2009 graduates. now im so confused. I dont really know what position should i be applying for. can somebody help me or share your insights on what should i do? I dont know what to do now. :sniff:


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Are there Long Term Acute Care facilities that you can apply to in SF? I understand that it is considered med/surg and may be an option to get your year experience. What about subacute rehab centers? I'm moving to SF soon and I don't want to be in the same situation that you are in.

Are you new grad or you have 1 year experience. It's really hard to find job here in sfo/east bay area. I think there are greater opportunities in LA and Sacramento. but if you know someone who's working in the hospital maybe that could help but im not sure though.

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