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New Grad Operating Room Fellowship

Hi all, I am a new grad nurse and I recently had an interview for on OR fellowship. I just got a call today to have an interview with the nurse manager of the OR. I am beyond nervous and was hoping to get some advice when it comes to the second interview and meeting with the manager. I was told that this interview is usually a panel style interview. I never really considered the OR because I felt like it was a place where new grads didn't go but now that I'm being considered I want to find out as much about it as possible. I wanted to get some insight as to what its like to be an OR nurse. Thanks in advance for the help!


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I'm also a new grad and I had my panel interview recently. I was beyond nervous. If you can find a site that gives you some hard interview questions to think about -- do it. My husband who is military pulled out his stuff for interviewing and I initially scoffed at his material, but 3 of the questions we drilled were asked in the interview. Be yourself and pay attention to the interplay between the people asking the questions. You want to fit into that culture as much as they want you to -- ie, it needs to go both ways. Pay attention to any gut responses that red flag the team as an interpersonal dynamic you might not want to be involved in.

I also felt like OR was unobtainable as a new grad, but I was offered the job and I have to say, I sweated that interview hard. It can happen. Read up on this forum -- I am -- in order to get a broader view of the different perspectives on OR nursing. The more I read, the more excited and simultaneously terrified I become.

Thanks for the help! I too have been reading a lot of the posts and I feel the same way like I'm excited but nervous and freaked out all at the same time haha! I'm hoping all goes well because I would hate to go through this process just to bomb this interview. I have been looking up nursing relate- behavioral interview questions to practice in the mean time so hopefully that helps. Its great that your husband was able to help you out like that!


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Even though it was my husband who helped me -- the information is out there on the internet -- just google "interview questions" or "new grad registered nurse interview questions" or "operating room interview questions" ... you get the idea!

Just be yourself! Good luck!


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