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Hello! I am a new grad RN and I am currently applying for jobs. My problem is that I am planning on moving in with my boyfriend and he is in small town with a smaller hospital. There is an opening for an OB RN position, and I am thinking about applying to that area, but my career goal is to be an ICU nurse. My boyfriend will be in this town for one year and then will be able to transfer. So, my question is, if I take a position as an OB nurse in the smaller hospital, will it hinder my ability to be hired as an acute care nurse once we move to an area with a larger hospital? Thank you in advance.

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By OB you mean L/D, right?  By training in this field you are considered a professionally skilled nurse. No one else can just step in and deliver a baby in crisis and tend to the mother as well. I did some float time in L/D and that was some highly specialized stuff. A lot can go wrong in a delivery as you will see. This can mirror some of the severe events that occur in an ICU.

ICU recruiters will recognize this talent if they know enough about how the L/D works. When interviewing, you will be  able to provide many examples of how you worked as a team to rescue a mother and baby in distress.  Many ICU recruiters want L/D experience because those nurses can handle the pregnant ICU patients. As long as you don't mention anything about being in OB because you " wanted to work with cute babies," you'll be fine. ?