New Grad Nurses in Austin, TX


Hello! I am planning on relocating to Austin within the next 6-9 months and I would really appreciate some info on nursing in Austin.

I am currently a RN resident with a couple of months of experience in Cleveland, OH and I am debating finishing my first year here before I move to Austin.

How much do new grads make in Austin? What's the pay difference if you have one year of experience as opposed to new grad pay? How about benefits (health insurance, retirement savings, tuition reimbursement, etc)? What are the hospitals offering? Best hospitals to work? Best places to live?

Any information will be greatly appreciated :)

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Austin is a VERY tough market for new grads. In general, Austin healthcare salaries (not just nursing) are lower than other areas of the state - probably a reflection of the surplus of applicants for many years.

If you post in the Texas forum, you'll have a better chance of hearing from other Austin grads.

Thank you for the quick reply! I'll post this in the Texas forum :)

By what you're saying, I should probably finish my residency here in OH and try to apply for a job in Austin once I have my 1 year under my belt.