New Grad Nurse Pay Atlanta, Georgia


Hi. I was wondering if any nurses would mind sharing their starting pay at hospitals in and around Atlanta, Georgia. I just received an offer for $29 an hour but that seems low considering rent for apartments is so high in Atlanta. I'm trying to figure out which hospitals might pay better and if I can negotiate the pay higher at all. Any insight would be amazing. Thanks!

adventure_rn, BSN

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That sounds pretty standard for a new grad. Honestly, in just about any hospital setting, it's very unlikely that you'll be able to negotiate a higher salary; they usually have pretty firm 'steps' based on your years of experience. As a new grad, you have practically no bargaining power (vs. someone with decades of experience, delivery experience, charge experience, PICC experience, transport experience, and/or specialty certifications). Even if other hospitals in the area are paying more, it's unlikely that you'll be able to negotiate a higher salary--the hospital that offered you the job would already know that their rates are lower and not care (unfortunately this is a common theme at 'brand name,' high-profile academic facilities, since they know that people will always want to work there).  Keep in mind that your salary will be a bit higher because you'll get some night and weekend differential.