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I am a new grad RN and I just started orientation and a week before that, I found out that I was pregnant! I thought I was only 7-8 wks pregnant, but it turned out that I am already 13 wks along. I had no signs or symptoms except missing my period, which was irregular in the first place. I'll be working as a med-surg my question is....when should I tell my manager that I'm pregnant? Can I be fired for being pregnant? How should I tell my manager?

And also, since I'll be going through a 3-month orientation, I'll be about 7 months when I finish. Anyone ever been in this situation? I am really stressed out about this. Please help me. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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It is illegal to be fired due to pregnancy.

It really depends on your floor, and depends on how smooth a pregnancy you have, but if it is like so many other med surg floors, being 7 months pregnant and carrying a full patient load will probably be difficult. I run all day and often I feel like crap (nauseated/headache/sore/etc) by the end of the day due to not enough fluids, a 10 minute lunch, stress, etc, and I'm young and healthy and not pregnant. I couldn't imagine doing the same job while dealing with additional fatigue, possibly lifting restrictions, or other symptoms from pregnancy. I'm sure some people breeze through it, so it all depends on the person and how good of a floor you have - including if you have reasonable patient loads (my floor does not). I wish you all the best through your pregnancy and congratulations on it!


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Wow, sounds like a celebration and a tough situation all at once. I haven't been in your shoes, but here's my advice, for what it's worth: Take care of yourself and your baby. Don't feel like your job has to be all-consuming, because it can consume a ton of energy if you let it. I am actually orienting right now myself and I know it can be overwhelming. If nursing is important to you, you'll find a way back to it if you need to take a break (and maybe find out if you can go to part time for awhile?) to take care of yourself and your family. You don't get a do-over on pregnancy, but you can relearn/redo orientation if need be.

I wish you well with this and congratulations!!

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