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I'm looking for some advice. I'm a new grad in the worst shape of my life and leaning towards taking ~6 months to try and get healthy before I start a residency. I don't want to do this and feel like it will make the job search more difficult but currently my hands and feet are quite numb which affects my assessment skills. Would it be a big ask to always have a doppler nearby etc?

I have many of the signs of type 2 dm but the free clinic here told me my fingerstick both times and a1c are perfectly fine so I'm not sure what to think. It may be expensive but I think I need a second opinion from a different provider.

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You could work and get healthy at the same time. 


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I think that you should definitely see another provider for a second opinion, but I wouldn't suggest waiting too long to start gaining work experience because it may be harder for you to find employment after a prolonged gap between the date of your graduation and your first date of employment.  Maybe try to get accommodations at work for your health needs, but work per diem or part-time to gain that experience.

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