new grad NPs, do you have a job?

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I am mostly curious about those who went to the accelerated program. How easy is it for you to find a job after you got your NP?

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Well, I graduated from an accelerated program in May of this year, got my certification as an ACNP in August, and am STILL looking for a job. It probably doesn't help that after finishing the RN portion of the program the only RN job I could get was in long-term care rather than the hospital setting. I've had a couple of interviews that didn't result in offers, and have a couple of places that may be looking to have me come in for interviews soon (a hospitalist service and a neurology practice, and possibly a cardiology service as well). It is my understanding that about half my class is still looking and the other half have found jobs. In addition, I am most likely going to be looking at relocating as I am in MA and places here just don't seem to want new grads; both interviews I had as well as the places where I may be interviewing soon have been in other states (Northeast and Midwest). Hope this helps!

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Don't graduate for another 2 months, but I know I don't have a prayer of getting a NP job in my area. We are a highly underserved area with great need, but there is no money for any health care at all really. We do have about a half dozen NPs here, but unless one of them is hit by a meteor, no one is going anywhere and no positions will be opening up. There are jobs at the prison, but Ill flip burgers before I'll work in a prison. I'm hoping for something PT at a minute clinic in an area not more than 60-90 minutes away.

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I graduated in June, passed the ACNP boards last Tuesday (!). My class was about 20 people. 8-10 of them I know for sure either already have or have been offered at least 1 position already. The rest of the class I don't have any direct information about. Personally, I have applied and interviewed at 2 jobs, one of which chose another candidate, and one of which will be letting me know after they interview a final candidate this week. There are many (on the order of 5-8) other jobs I could have easily applied for but I'm interested in relatively specific positions so haven't applied to all the ones that have been available.

For reference, I live in the Bay Area.

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