New grad NP with job offer- how long will it take until I am licensed?

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I graduate May 17, and have a job offer to start May 28. I talked to my academic adviser and they said this was possible- but just that I wouldn't be licensed yet. The doctor I will be working with seems to either have no idea or think I will be licensed by May 28th. I want to send her a realistic timeline of when my license will come in, but I'm getting a lot of different dates from people! My adviser said it would absolutely be below/ within 3 months of graduation and that is the amount of time that I will be in orientation so I'm sure this is fine. Sounds like I'll just need a cosign until the license comes in but any advice would be SO helpful. I am in Virginia.

-DEA??? Do I apply for this?

-What is the process of credentialing?

-How did you all make your study plan for boards? Did anyone else do this while working?

-In the world of electronic charting what is a "cosign"?

-any tips for orientation?

-prescriptive authority? I am assuming this is after licenseure

-What was your timeline?

Any advice would be helpful!

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