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New Grad NP, got an interview, need advice!

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Hello there!

I am a newly graduated AG-ACNP (August 2020) and currently awaiting a test date for ANCC. The school I graduated from has not sent all the documents to ANCC or the State Board of Nursing, although my degree has been conferred. I have been applying for jobs since the last semester in grad school. I have recently been contacted for an interview for a NP in Cardiology within the same hospital system I am currently working in. However, this position is in association with the medical school that is affiliated with the hospital system (teaching hospital).

The doctor is a cardiologist I have met before, as I have performed cardiac nuclear stress tests on a few of his patients. (Currently working in Nuclear Medicine). I am super excited for this opportunity to interview, considering I am getting rejection emails daily.

My question is, what questions should I be asking? I have already spoken with a few NP's and received their opinion, I just want to make a good impression and hopefully not blow this opportunity.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I was contacted on Friday for a Zoom interview on Monday.



I am not sure if this is helpful, but I recently brushed up on my interviewing skills.  Ask questions as to what expectations they have from their new hires, ask the interviewer what characteristics are needed for succeeding as a new grad in this setting.  Also, research the group so you know a little about their mission statements and goals.  You def have an advantage by knowing the group and the facility.  Good luck, you got this!