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Hi Everyone!

Well, my dream has become a reality!! I just offically accepted my frist RN position as a NICU nurse!! :) I passed NCLEX in March 2018, and this will be my first RN positon. I truly feel this is my calling. With that being said. I am both excited and nervous. I know I will get most of my knoweldge from being hands on, and watching/learning from seasoned nurses.

So my quesiton is, can anyone give advice on things I can do before starting this position. I may have a few weeks before I actually start. Any terms I can familarize myself with? Any procedures I can look up in advance to familarize myself with? Any tips, and advice will be so so so very appreciated!!! Thank you so much in advance!!

Angela :happy:

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Go to the NICU forum on this site. There are many, many threads on this subject of new grads in the NICU.

Thank you! I will look into that now :)

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