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Hello everyone,

I recently graduated from nursing school (4 year program) having completed a semester in the Neuro ICU step-down unit and a semester in the Neuro ICU itself. I was recently brought on by a healthcare group as a New Grad Neuro ICU RN, and even though I have had experience working in the "neuro" world I am still a bit timid. Do any of you have any advice or suggestions on how to make this transition easier? Are there any books/manuals out there that are good for learning the trade? I appreciate any and all advice. Thank you all!

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The fact that you have done 2 semesters in a neuro unit is fabulous and probably you have learned a lot more than you thought you did! So you already are ahead of the game! If you want to learn more, you could always get a book on Neuro nursing, from a company like Elsevier or just look around. Neuro is a specialized unit, but very cool and exciting too! Just by working there you will learn, so don't fret! Rome wasn't built in a day and you will gain info every day! So go for it!


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Get this:

The most comprehensive book on neuro nursing you can get. It is written by the association for neuroscience nursing. It has more than you will ever need to know.

This group are also the ones who formulate and administer the CNRN and SCRN certification tests, and the info comes from this book. I used it to study and pass for certification when I worked in the neuro ICU.