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Hello everyone,

If someone could offer me some advice, it'd be greatly appreciated. I graduated in December 2010 with an ASN and have yet to land a job in New Orleans. :( All of my classmates were able to get jobs at various hospitals in Baton Rouge, but I wanted to move home to N.O. and actually thought it would be easier since there are more hospitals!! I have a year and a half experience working in nursing homes as an LPN but have yet to even get an interview!! Not one place has called me yet :( I don't know what to. I've applied to every hospital and almost every available RN position. I've also called and emailed with no success. What should I do??? Would getting certifications (like ACLS) increase my chances?? Any help, advice, or suggestions would be really great.


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Would you consider Home Health? You won't make much money with the gas prices but it would get you working and for some reason, employers seem to want you more when you have a job already. I liked Americare and Guardian a lot. You've probably already done this but call up Nursing Homes and ask to speak to the DON, or walk in and pick up applications in person. This may not help as people are staying in the job they have even if it's the worst, cause there's nothing out there.


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I would be more aggressive in your search- meaning go to a place and speak with them. Make your presence and interest known as much as possible WITHOUT looking crazy. Don't wait for them to call you- you makes the steps since you need the job. Hope this helps!!


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nola1202 do you have any information about guardian home health in nola? if so, can we talk? send me your email and i'll message you. thank you.