New grad here in need of some ADVICE


Hi everyone,

i am a new graduate RN and got into a new graduate program through Kaiser. I have been with a preceptor for the past month and 1/3 and will soon be on my own in about 3 weeks. I am very anxious just thinking about this. I have had no previous medical experience so I am learning ALOT everyday. Although the days seem very busy for me, my preceptor keeps reminding me that we have not had a busy day yet and it makes me feel terrible because TO ME....the days are busy. (I mean this is all new to me essentially!!) I'm feeling very overwhelmed and a little down at the moment. Any words of advice or encouragement anyone can give?

thank you

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You should continue learning "a lot" every day, long after preceptorship. Yes days will get busier and busier, but that comes with becoming confident and competent; to whom much is given, much is expected. Relax a bit, take some deep breaths, remind yourself they wouldn't keep you past orientation if they didn't think you could do it. We all know a new grad on the floor, and we just don't expect as much from them as long as they ARE progressing.

So, no one expects you to be perfect "super nurse to save the day!!", they just expect you to keep trying hard.