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Hello everyone,

I am a new grad. I passed my boards in September and the first place I was able to get hired at was at a home care agency. For me, it was not ideal so I kept looking for a better position. The agency had no open cases so I wasn't actively working yet. So yesterday, I got a call back from a rehabilitation hospital with a great opportunity. I have accepted to work and will begin training next month. My question is, how do I tell the agency I don't want to work for them anymore? My family tells me I should keep it as a side job, since the hospital is only offering me part time. The thing is that the hospital requires a 3 month full time training so I would not be be able to work for the agency. Should I tell them that I got another great opportunity? Or keep it as a side job? I just feel bad that they hired me and now I want to work somewhere else.

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Are you hired full time at the agency? I would still keep the job. Even while working a full time schedule at the rehab hospital you can still work PRN at the agency. It is always good to have another job "in your back pocket."