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New Grad Moving to Tulsa

Oklahoma   (853 Views 2 Comments)
by cmfair96 cmfair96 (New Member) New Member

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Hi y'all. I'm graduating in April from nursing school in Austin TX and my fiance got his dream job out in Tulsa OK. We've decided to make the move over the summer! Because this move is kinda last minute, I don't know much about the area, the hospitals, the amount of new grads in Tulsa, and how new grads are treated up there. I'm looking for NICU or peds. I had already applied to a position here in Austin and had to turn it down now that we're moving (still a little bummed bout it :cry:). I've contacted recruiters from St. Francis Hospital and St. John's (St. Francis has been super helpful I just haven't seen a whole lot of positions open that don't require 1-2 yr experience but St. John's hasn't been very helpful). Applied for some positions and the only thing I've heard (if anything) is no.

Anybody have any advice?

Sincerely, a frustrated new grad

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You'll find NICU at both St. Johns & St. Francis, but the bulk of peds in this city is at St. Francis where we have a St. Jude affiliate.

St. Johns is currently offering $10K sign-on bonuses for RNs. Don't go to any major hospital in this city without a sign-on. You can get one if you just ask right now. Census has remained high, we have all remained short-handed, and agency nurses cost them much more than hiring core staff which they can guarantee for a number of years through the bonus.

I have several friends who work at St. Johns now and love it. I worked there as a new nurse years ago (but had been a monitor tech there during nursing school as well) and was happy as well. Those I know at St. Francis are happy, but the bulk of those I know there are family who have been there for 20+ years. Seriously.

Each hospital will have a slightly different culture. For what you're wanting, it sounds like St. Francis is probably your best bet.

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