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New grad moving to Seattle

I recently moved to Seattle from out of state and am having a hard time finding a position. I just graduated with my bsn in May and am taking my nclex in a couple of weeks. Any advice for finding a job? Thanks!

Seattle job market is getting better, but it can still be tough for a new grad. Not being local could make it harder if you don't know anyone to network with. That said, there are jobs that are more than willing to take new grads and having a BSN will help. Do you have a preference for what kind of nursing you want to do? That could play into your prospects.

Thanks for the input! I would like to do labor and delivery eventually, but am really willing to do anything to start out!

Well that certainly helps!

I'll be moving there next month to start an ED RN residency program at Overlake. My advice would be to research the hospitals that offer residency programs before moving there. Start applying now as some places are still accepting apps. Also, keep in mind that once you get your RN license, you can't work an aide position in the hospital (if you thought you could get your foot in the door through that way).


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