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New Grad moving to colorado


Hey everyone!! I actually have not graduated but will Grad Dec 2010 with my ADN. I am going to be moving to Buckley AFB with my BF and want to know anything and everything about getting jobs and the area. I wanted to start early and figure some things out now. I am going to try to get a job next semester as a PCT so i will have some experience. Also, I am from FL so after I pass the NCLEX would I get my FL license first then get my CO. I am so lost about how that works. Any help would be great thanks!!!



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I'm a soon to be new grad (may 2010) and I'm thinking to move to Colorado. I've been looking at careerbuilders.com for jobs in the denver area. I'm mostly looking at ER jobs and those are difficult to find because everyone wants you to have at least 1 year of experience. I have found at some hospitals they have openings for new grad positions but they want you to have a BSN. Though I'm sure they would take ADN new grads too, at least I'm hoping because that is me too. Average earnings I've seen are about $22-25 starting out.

However if you are with the military you may be able to get a job at a military hospital. There are also the VA hospitals to consider.

I hope this helps, good luck with the move!


Ya i am going to see if I could do the hospital on base but I don't know since Im not married to him. Look into the new nurse programs in colorado they put ppl in all departments. I don't really care what dept I am in I just want to start and once I have a yr or 2 of expierence I will try and get a job in ICU or peds. Keep me updated on everything that happens!!

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You will want to make sure you have a job first before investing too much into making the move to CO. The market for new grad RN's is competitive and sounds like many are having a hard time gaining employment. I've heard the job market is better (for nurses) in FLA.

I'm not going to move to CO without a job in place. It is actually really hard to get a job where I am in FL and a lot of FL. I'm going to pray I can get a job in Co but If I can't I'm going to go where ever I can get a job to get some experience.