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Hello everyone!!

This is my first posting on :). I just graduated and was offered a job at a Long term care facility. I did my fourth year nursing placement in this long term care facility and I really enjoyed it. I loved the residents and during the period when I was off after graduating and getting my temporary licensing, I really missed them. When I was offered this position, I was so thrilled and excited to start. However, I'm worried because as a student nurse, I only had to care for 10 residents by the end of the semester. As a Registered Nurse (Temp), I will be responsible for 30 residents. It will be very challenging because it will be 3 times the workload. Plus, I don't know the residents from the other wing and most don't have name tag bracelets on them. How may I prepare for my first day? Any tips would be well appreciated :).

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What shift will you be working?

Run like he!! Do not look back.

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Hi there!

I really hope that you don't run like hell! at least not yet ;) I'm sure it is going to be ok! Ones you have seen the residents you will recognise them all =0) don't be afraid to ask... Best of luck!!

Hi There

You are going to be fine. I am a CNA in a LTC. Our nurses have a similar patient load and we all work together as a team. Best of luck to you.

I too started in ltc. It is overwhelming at first, but the cnas help alot. If you don't know who someone is ask them, they will be able to tell you. In our facility we have pictures of the residents in our Mar, this made it easier for me. Good luck to you!

I will be working day shift, which is why I'm a bit nervous :|

Thanks so much :)

Thanks KatsanchezRN !

I will make sure I get help from PSWs and other colleagues of mine. We too have pictures of the residents in our MAR; however, they haven't been updated in ages. It's hard to recognize the residents that way. Hopefully tomorrow goes well :)

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