New grad LDRP residency or Acute Care?


Hi folks!

I am a new grad and I was just hired onto an emergency surgery/trauma unit at a really good university hospital near where I live, but I know my heart is in working in L&D. Of course, right after I accepted the job offer, I was invited to interview for a new grad LDRP residency at a different, less prestigious hospital.

I've accepted the interview and I am a little torn about it. I know that L&D is where I want to end up, so it would make sense to take that job if it was offered, right? I'm just a little caught up in whether I should stay with the better hospital system and maybe work my way up to L&D after a year or so of acute care experience.

Curious about what you experienced nurses have to say about it.


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If you want to work in L&D, you should take the L&D job.

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I think if it is something you feel strongly about, you should take the L&D job. However, I can also tell you that after doing L&D for a year, I was moved to working Med-Surg. I was none too pleased, but I learned a lot of things that I feel were very helpful when I returned to L&D later. Sometimes you get very complex patients on L&D and it's very helpful if drips and lines don't scare you and if you are familiar with some of the things that routinely put someone in the hospital. Any acute care experience can be useful to you.