New Grad just started Med-Surg job 2 weeks ago-crying!!!!

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Started almost 4 weeks ago in July. Why is it contradicting MsSocialRN...all I was asking for was advice. Why would it matter if it were in May or July?Advice is


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I am sorry if I offended you, I really did not mean it that way. I hope you are feeling better about your job. I was just confused on how much traing you were getting. That's all! I hope all is well!


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No worries, I am on my own starting Friday. I just went to nights this week and I'm all turned around. They gave me one day orientation for nights. That's it. I hope I get it. :) Thanks for all the encourging words you guys gave me.


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A mistake I made when I first started was not taking my lunch or any breaks. I felt that I was so far behind all the time that I hardly even went to the bathroom. I've since learned that I can be more efficient and less stressed if I take a few minutes away from the floor. So, take your breaks and take time for lunch, dinner, whatever; you will be better for it and so will your patients.

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