New grad interview in L&D and NICU


I am a new graduate RN and I have an interview for L&D and the NICU. I would like to know from fellow nurses within these fields which one would be less stressful for a new grad. How often do you come across STDs and HIV amongst laboring moms? Do you know if a mom has any of these upon admission. How long did it take to feel comfortable within the field? What is the most stressful part of your job in NICU and/or L&D?


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I really can't answer most of your questions b/c I'm a new nurse in L&D. Both of them are critical care areas and have their pluses and minuses. Do you prefer working with moms or with babies?> I love BOTH, but with L&D you don't do much with the babies unless you happen to not have the nursery there for the delivery, and then you would.

As for STDs....I would look at your area's rate of STD, as well as the location of the hospital. STDs is something that is very common among all populations, but I think probably more prevalent in your lower class populations. I'm working in a hosp that is a charity hospital(for now about to go private), and the STD rate for this area is pretty high.

I've had 2 pts with HIV(not laboring moms, this was on a medical floor). It's not a HUGE use your precautions and be safe. You would hopefully know upon admission if mom had HIV or an STD but not all women get prenatal care so her records may not be complete, and not all are honest.

I've been told it takes about a year to be comfortable in L&D, and pretty sure it's about the same for NICU.


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I think both are high stress areas even for seasoned nurses, so especially so for a new grad. However, any area is going to be stressful for a new grad. That's just how it is. However, in critical areas like L&D and NICU, the time it will take you to get comfortable will probably be longer than it would on an adult acute care floor such as med/surg or tele. I was comfortable around 6 months on my tele floor, but in contrast, I will just be off orientation after 6 months on L&D and even though I have 4 years of nursing experience, I don't think I will be comfortable for at least 6 months-1 year after being off orientation. If it is a good supportive nursing team, you will do great whatever unit you end up on!