New Grad Internships in Midwest


Hi all!

I'm in a BSN program in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and I graduate in May! :woot::woot::woot: So excited but also so very nervous. If any people reading don't know, the UP is a very rural area with only one large regional hospital. I LOVE kids and would love to work in a PICU/Peds unit but the Pediatric Unit in the mentioned hospital is very limited and sometimes doesn't have any patients at all. I'm planning to apply there, but they don't often hire since it's so small.

I have been trying (without much luck) to find Internships in the Midwest area (MI, WI, MN, IL) for Pediatric Units. So far I've only found one in Wisconsin in which the application was due in early December :down: and one at the Children's Hospital of Michigan which is located in Detroit - somewhere I unfortunately wouldn't exactly want to relocate to. I have looked at the Helen Devos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids as well but haven't had much luck with any openings.

I guess my question is has anyone had any luck finding Peds Internships - or any Internships in general in the Midwest?? Any tips on Peds employment opportunities? I'm willing to relocate (to a point) and will take any job I can get - but this is what I'm really hoping for!

Thanks in advance! :)