new grad friendly hospitals in N. california?


i'll be graduating in a few months from a ADN program in N. CA. anyone have any advice on hospitals that might offer new grad programs. i'm hopful for the bay area or sacramento area, but realize not much hiring going on here. where can i apply? any good teaching hospitals i should check out...should i look out of state? i'm aware of davis and stanford already. interests are oncology, tele, renal, or. i feel like i'm spinning my wheels and have no idea how i'm gonna get a job here.:uhoh3:

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I know this may not be your choice but have you tired looking at hospitals in the Central Valley.....Modesto, Madera, Merced, fresno. I know there is still nursing shortages in thses areas partly becasue noone wants to move or live int he central valley. Hope that helps.


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UCSF have a really good "new grad" program which might start on August. Go to their website for more information.


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Yeah there are a few new grad programs in the bay area but they are so competitive and usually they give priority to the ones that are already working there. Actually there is a competition amongst them too. If you want a sure thing, I would try the central valley. I heard of people that got hired on the spot. Good luck, I will be in your shoes in december and I am already freaking out:eek:


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Hi all, I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but I live in central CA (modesto), and they don't want new grads it would appear, 2 of the 3 big hospitals in town only have a couple of nursing postions even open. I graduated in December and have passed the boards, but I am still getting ONLY rejection letters in my inbox, which is kind of a bummer after all of the hard work to actually get my RN. Not one interview, not one followup, nothing. So I'm thinking of actually moving out of state for a little while just to get some exp. I wish you all the best of luck in your Job Search. Lloyd

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