New Grad ER, Tomorrow is my first day!


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Hi all, I posted recently about passing NCLEX earlier this month and I interviewing for and being offered my first RN job just 16 days later in the ED. Even though I have extensive background experience as an ED tech, Flight Medic and Ground Ambulance Medic, I am so nervous! I’m so grateful and blessed to be hired into ED as a new grad, as my hospital system did not hire any other new grads for the Nurse Residency ED Program except me. I am so blesssed to be there! I have already joined ENA and am trying to absorb all I can before I start my first shift tomorrow with my preceptor, and I’m so excited, but also, WOW! I feel anxious! I know the staff and they are amazing and no one is going to let me drown; it’s just such a new thought process to know I’m actually an RN now! Thanks for letting me share, I’m looking for some positive feedback that these feelings are normal and expected, because it feels so foreign. I knew my tech job inside and out, but I’m here to say New Grad anxiety is totally a thing!

thanks all:)

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You have all that experience? You should have NO issues. 

I survived with no ER experience 😄