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New grad ER nurse.... Regression ??

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So I work in a pretty busy ED in a for-profit hospital. I started work in August and I had a 16 week orientation, where I took multiple classes, ACLS, PALS, ASLS, EKG, etc. I've now just made it to my 3 month mark of being on my own, and lately I have felt so paranoid or worried that I'm too slow or incompetent for the emergency dept. I feel as though I'm pretty well educated, and I'm never afraid to ask questions, but for soe reason I've just recently felt like I'm getting slower and more insecure about myself and my nursing abilities. I try to take the more critical areas of the ED for experience and enjoyment and I'm pretty calm in real emergent situations, but for instance last night, I took care of my critical patient, but I never could document on him for a few hours. Meanwhile I have another decently sick guy next door that I haven't seen in 2+ hours.

I guess I'm asking, is this normal? And any pointers for juggling better and keeping up with documentation ?

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You are one person! I think you're probably being a bit tough on yourself. It sounds like you have a healthy awareness of prioritizing and managing your time. Of course, a random internet forum can't really give you accurate feedback, but I think what you're feeling is pretty normal. If you weren't worried about it, then I'd be worried, you know? :) Do you have a mentor/educator at work you can speak with about how you're feeling and progressing?

I've had an insane last couple days in the ER, where it felt like, even with help, I couldn't catch up, wasn't getting behind on charting, getting orders done, etc. It was just one thing after another. Those days happen, they happen to every nurse no matter how long they've been around. Don't let it get you down. Just keep working hard and keep asking questions. In the words of Jerry Maguire's mentor... tomorrow is another day.

Yes, I just quoted the old guy from Jerry Maguire.