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Specializes in total care of quadriplegic patient.

I am a recent May 2012 grad from a very respected ASN program in the Mid-Atlantic. I recently passed the NCLEX, so now I'm looking for that first job.

I'm a more "mature" new nurse, with lots of life experiences to bring to any new job. I've applied at several hospitals, several different types of positions/shifts, even with long commuting distances from home. Not one single phone call.

Throughout school, I worked as a CNA with a home health company. I enjoyed working with clients in their homes as a CNA, so when the company offered me a PRN RN position, which I accepted without much thought.

My concern is that I will get pigeon-holed as a Home Care Nurse, and will never gain any clinical skills. The company I will be working for does not do any "skilled" nursing care (trachs, vents, G Tubes, etc.), but only provides a basic nursing assessment and care plan management, then delegates client care to the Home Care CNA.

With the job market and economy still sputtering, I realize finding that "dream nursing job" is a figment of my imagination without any clinical experience or a BSN in hand. I'm hoping I can wait it out doing Home Care nursing until the job market improves.

Is this a good decision to make? Will I regret working in home care right out of nursing school? Has anyone else taken this path right out of school? If so I would appreciate any lessons learned or advice...Thanks!

It is better to work this job than to sit at home waiting for something to come along. While you establish your references here, continue to look for a hospital based job, (or other job), and start on your BSN. You won't necessarily get pigeonholed unless you allow yourself to get stagnant. Continue looking for another job until you find one. Good luck.

I am also a new grad & took an RN position in home health after applying to at least eighty positions over three months with no call backs. I am not worried about getting stuck - I plan to wait a year and then start applying to RN residencies. During this time I'm going to get additional certifications and probably start a p/t BSN program. If you feel you are losing your clinical skills, then maybe you should look for some per diem work - it's always easier to find a job once you have a job. :)

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