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New to forum, new to nursing..need help with choosing a school!


Hi all,

I am in my 30's and after 3 years of thinking about nursing I decided to bite the bullet and change careers.

I am fairly new to Ohio and I live in the Columbus area.

As far as checking out schools, so far I've been to Bohecker and Hondros. I am looking for an LPN program (to start) and then maybe work for a while and hopefully go back for RN. CSCC isn't really an option for me because I don't have a lot of time for pre-reqs.

I can't afford to go to a 4 year school and right now I have decided to quit my full time job and do one year of school.

This is a huge decision and I would love to hear anyone's opinions on where to attend.

Also wondering if people are having a hard time finding jobs after graduation from these schools.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!! :)

NIT in Cuyahoga Falls offers a 15 month evening LPN program. I am in my first semester there. The next class starts in April. I am earning my LPN and then I plan to either earn my RN or BSN degree. But I wanted to be able to work as a nurse while earning that degree. I really like my school (NIT). Its the Rets College of Nursing at NIT. (That is the technical name of the program.) If you are interested, send me a private message and I can give you the contact info of my admissions rep.

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