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New to this forum and need help please

Cannova93 Cannova93 (Member)

((I'am sorry if this is too long,I tried to make it as detailed as possible so that you can understand better why iam choosing a career as an RN and for you to also answer my questions better, thank you))


I'am an 18 year old male from NYC.My early teenage years were really hard on me.I dont come from a rich family,not even a middle class family.I just live with my mom here in Brooklyn.Its hard on us.I was never a good student.I never liked school.I grew up in Italy,so all i really know is how to be a farmer.My mom brought me here thinking I could have a better life.

My whole perception tho changed while i was going through high school.I broke down with a mental disorder.I started to develop severe anxiety that was just horrible.I was scared, and didn't know what was going on.I didn't like school,and when I was in school my anxiety was worse.I then was upset and angry that i never showed up to school and basically dropped out.Social workers were coming to our place,they were warning my mom how i needed to go back to school and how its the law.

I was ignorant,i didn't even want to make an attempt to go back nor seek out help.Anyways I'm gonna fast forward my story a bit here cause its a bit long i just wanted to give a synopsis to the questions im going to ask.

Okay so i was suicidal attempted suicide, anxiety was getting worst, okay skip more forward....

(btw If anyone wants to get to know me more i will be more than happy to make a new friend and share my story with them cause it is way too long to write here)

Okay what i learnt from the past 4 years of dealing with anxiety was more about who I'am,and more importantly life in general.I learnt to be stronger and wiser,to believe in yourself and focus on your strengths and to NEVER EVER give up.I see my disorders as opportunities to grow stronger and wiser,i see them as chances to learn more,but most importantly to connect with others who are also in need of help.I can say hey you know what,I've been there and I've done that, please allow me to help you out.I had to struggle and fight a whole lot,i can say i was in hell and back,i went against all my doctors advises and i trusted my gut,i went back to high school and I'am graduating and my grades are higher than ever and I'am going to college.

Anyways I'm finishing up high school and i want to be a registered nurse mostly deal with psychiatric issues tho like emergency(ex crisis interventions). I wanna be that person to talk to a depressed person who is suicidal or a person who is experiencing a time of crisis in there life.

I want to know what i have to do.I'am going to attend Laguardia Community college and they have a 2 year nursing program, but i doubt i will get in the first shot.Regardless I'am aiming to get a BS tho.I don't care what i have to go through to earn it as long as i earn it im fine, whether it takes 4 years to become an RN or 10 years i don't care,my question is what do I have to do? what do i have to take? who do i have to speak? what should i do in the meantime. Please don't tell me "oh its too much studying" or "oh it might not be for you,the hours are terrible,you work long you have to study a lot"

Ive been through 2 crisis and was sent to boot camp to strengthen my mental endurance please dont tell me its too much studying or its too much.Right now i just need some guidance.

Thank you for reading this :)

What I'd recommend is possibly look into volunteering at a crisis prevention center. Talk to the people there and see what type of education is required. A psychiatric nurse would be good but there may be other options as well.

I'd definitely talk to a counselor at your community college in the direction you'd like to go. It may be nursing, it may not be.

I think given enough drive and motivation, you can overcome your past challenges. You may need to seek out tutoring but don't be shy about it.

Good luck.

Thanks, again ill try out everything, whatever it takes.Wont really know how the water feels until I jump in you know, so i gotta give it my best shot. Again thanks for your advice.

I agree with the previous post. Take some time to volunteer somewhere. I also had a rough childhood and I barely graduated high school. I simply did not care about anything. I took some time before I went to college and now I am a sophomore. I have been going part-time since 2010 and last year was my first full-time year. I am now almost a junior and my GPA is a 4.0.

You can do it! I would just talk to a counselor and tell them what you want your end result to be. They will help you get there.


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