New Entrepreneur - how to get my website out there?


I started my business, almost a year ago - I have two online courses that I would LOVE for nurses to know about - they are really good! Each comes with a podcast and a video.

What's the best way to get my message out there?

How can I get nurses to check out my podcast on iTunes?

I would love to hear specific success stories from nurses for nurses. I have had a ton of help from business coaches, but getting the word out to my actual audience has been challenging.

Thank you in advance!

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1. Social Media

2. Paid Advertisement

3. Technical SEO

4. Content Marketing

5. Guest Blogging

6. Networking

7. Internal Linking

8. Influencer Networking


10. Comment on other peoples blogs (and provide something of value)

11. ... Many More ...

I've got a million answers to this question.

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I agree. SEO and social media being the first things to look at, lots of marketing books to buy for both. Don't hire anyone to do it, and pick a recent edition book - things evolve fast.

Depth of content and how often you have fresh material on your site (web or social media page) that suggests frequent return visits is critical for continued growth. Email, social media, or text alerts signups for new material cannot hurt.

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Hi! Are you on facebook? You should check out Nursepreneurs group. It is a group of entrepreneurial nurses that are helping each other out. Like everyone else said you can advertise through all sorts of different media. Good Luck!