New csn student, what degree to get to pursude to a BSN?

U.S.A. Nevada


i was wondering what degree is the one to take at csn for nursing that can transfer to a 4yr college ?

You really have two options depending on what exactly you want to do. The first choice is if you want to obtain your Associates Degree in Nursing first and then continue your education. If that's what you want to do then you will need to take the prerequisites needed in order to apply to CSN's nursing school. You can check those classes out here:

BIOL 189 is extremely tough to get into because of the number of students needing the class is far greater than the number of classes.

After you get your Associates Degree and pass the NCLEX you can start working as a RN and then continue in a RN to BSN program. I believe Nevada State College offers that.

The other option you can do is to take some of the prerequisites at CSN and once you obtain 24 credits you can transfer to UNLV or NSC [i believe NSC only needs 12 credits to transfer]. This is the option that I chose [i'm starting UNLV this fall]. This will allow you to be able to finish the prerequisites at one of those schools and then apply to their BSN program.

So it's really up to you. But if you want to get your degree through CSN you want to get the Associates in Nursing. :) I hope this helps!

I would recommend taking 189 at NSC over CSN. CSN likes to use that class as a "weed" out class and make it much more complicated than it ever needs to be for a 100 level class. Its a drive I know, its a longer class time (lab incorporated in to the class) I know, but sitting in a large lecture hall with a teacher who has the soul purpose of failing students isn't going to assist you in your education.

Also I would just get your BSN and forgo ADN. It takes exactly the same amount of time and once you graduate you won't have to go back and take or even worse retake classes for a BSN.

So if I want to take my prereqs at CSN to transfer to UNLV will I qualify for financial aid?

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