New CRC here........not so sure I like it......need advice!


Hi All,

I have learned so much from reading posts from many different threads, and was hoping

to get some guidance from experienced or new crc's out there.

I recently started a position as a clinical research coordinator nurse at a hospital, and am mainly responsible

for doing the coordinator duties for an upcoming drug trial.

I am verrrry new and have been learning about the regulations and such. Am realizing now (should have before!)

that this job is seeming to be tracking, recording/transfering results onto forms , faxing, copying, making sure you keep every corespondence and any detail discussed regarding the trial, making sure the protocol is strictly adheared to with all of the strict timelines involved, being the point of contact for everyone on the study. The protocol is complicated, and I don't quite understand logistically how it will come together. I know I have a lot to learn, but I do feel that I can do the job. At this point I am worried will I really LIKE the job....and feeling that I am reallllly going to miss patient contact and utilizing my knowledge as a nurse. I will get some, at times by drawing labs, but for the most part, not so much.

My experience is in floor nursing, which as many of you know is crazy and stressful and I don't want to go back to that.

But with the floor nursing despite the long hours, physical demands, horrible nurse to pt ratio etc., there was still

the reward of feeling you really had helped someone on a daily basis and used the skills you learned in nursing school(sounds cheezy but true!)

I do realize that this drug could really also help patients and all of society in the long run if it gets approved, and that is rewarding.

I guess I am basically wondering if any of you have more hands -on patient experiences? or is the CRC job basically like being a project manager? Maybe it's the fact that I am at a hospital and not in a more out patient clinical setting?

I don't want to be ungrateful.......I know there are lots of nurses out there trying to get research jobs.

I'm just worried I might miss the patients too much!

Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated :~)


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I can't answer your question- but I am very interested how you got your position? I am an RN with BS in Psych- wanting a CRC position but have no CRC experience-which seems to be a requirement for most jobs I see posted. Am thinking about Masters program for RN Clinical Research-but very $$$$$.

Currently work in Clinical Documentation for Hospital,was ICU previously- do not miss bedside-still work on floors PRN to keep clinical skills up to date.

Any info appreciated. Thanks

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Hi there,

I am actually a CRC without a nursing degree (I am applying for ABSM progrmas now), and I can tell you that there are definitely CRC positions with a lot of patient contact.

My first CRC position (with the VA) was with a wound care clinic, where I assisted with wound care, enrolled patients, coordinated live teleconferences with specialists and administered surveys to patients.

Now, I work with an asthma study where I do vitals, take histories, perform pulmonary function testing, distribute meds, and do LOTS of patient ed.

Yes, there will always be regulatory duties with this position, but I would say that more than half of my time is spent with patients, and I love my job. I am doing a nursing degree because I want more opportunities in research, not less!

Good luck!


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Just checking in to see how the OP is doing.

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