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I am starting a job as a CNA next week. Anyone who is a CNA or been one, how long did it take you to get comfortable with your job? I am working on a Med Surg floor. I have never been so nervous!


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i worked as cna for 4 years now. first i started at ltc, later med-surg, now icu. it takes time but it dependes on your managable skills and how close you like to be with people. how quick interact with them, how they respond to you. i always said to them at begining that i am new and they understand why i do some things slower than other cnas, but do not let them overuse you on the other side. you will have 6-8 or 8-10 patients each shift and you need to give care for all of them, some tips:

- if they can do some self care let them do it,

- if they offer their help even if this is limited let them do it

- prepare all what you need for each task before you start so it safe time, you do not need to go and back several times because you missed something

- ask for help if you are not sure how patient is heavy or if he/she is able to do it but you see that it is not true

- do not discourage yourself even if something goes wrong, you are new and you still learn and develop your skills

- explain what you want to do for your patient so they know and cooperate with you easier than when you just come and no therapeutic communication only action

- treat everyone with respect and dignity, i always put myself in my patient condition so i know how i would like to be treated and i know what i need to do to my patient and he feels well

- protect yourself, protect your patient, safety is very important,

-remember of standard precaution, again safety

- do not be upaet if patient refuse, let him calm down, come back again, report to your nurse his/her behaviour,

- always document what you did, what happened with your patient, what was your patient respons, there are flow care sheets for cna so you just filled them up. you protect yurself and other see what you did;

i think it is the most biggiest one. let know how it goes.

good luck, :)

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