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New CNA looking for work


Maybe someone can give me some insight....I just completed my CNA course and earned my AS degree....now I'm looking for work until I get accepted into a RN program here in Sacramento CA. My prior job was in Management and I'm 50 yrs old working on a new career in the medical field.

It seems, I'm either too old, made too much $$ as a Manager or need at least 6 months experience before someone will consider me for an entry level medical position in a hospital, etc... I'm really frustrated and wonder if I made the wrong move to go after a career in Nursing at my age. I don't consider myself old and I don't care about starting at an entry level, but how do I convince hiring managers in a on-line job market ? :banghead:

Can someone answer my prior question....I'm new to this messaging so I may have not done it right the first time


Your best bet is to look for jobs at Skilled Nursing Facilities to get at least 6 months of acute care experience before you try to get a job at one of the local hospitals. That's what I'm planning to do. =)

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