New CNA...home health care or LTC?

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Hi. I just passed my CNA exam and I'm ready to begin my job search. I'm looking for some advice from CNA's out there on the differences between working in home health care and working in a nursing facility. I'm not looking for 12 hour shifts or full time employment with benefits. I would like to work maybe 20 to 32 hours a week with weekends off to spend with my husband. I am leaning towards working in home health care because I see that most jobs state that shifts/hours are flexible. My other option would be a nursing facility but do they hire part time CNA's and are they at all flexible? Since I am a "newby" I just wanted to see if any kind CNA's had advice to share. Thank you!!! ;)

You would likely be able to get the hours you desire in either venue. It is not so easy to get employment these days, so you probably should apply to both types of employers and go with whoever offers you a job. Good luck.

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I agree, even cna jobs are getting hard to get. I will say that in LTC if they are short staffed (and I'm sure they are) you will most likely have to work every other weekend unless they are nice and let you only work during the week. You never know until you apply, some places are flexible--good luck in your job search :-)

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Thank you for your advice and input!! I think I will apply at both. I'm just very anxious to launch my new career!! :)

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You're never going to get a job where you don't have to work at least every other weekend.

You're never going to get a job where you don't have to work at least every other weekend.

I did. :) Many facilities in my area hire 2 separate groups of CNAs: one for weekdays, one for weekends.

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