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Hi everyone,

I am a new CNA with 3 days of clinical experience, I have been looking for a position with not much luck, I was told I need experience. My question is how do you get experience if no one is giving you a chance to start.

I enjoyed my clinicals, I have such a passion to take care of the elderly, it gives real joy to see the gratitude on their faces when you help them. If anyone know of an opportunity to get in without experience please PM me.

One agency told me they are much more CNA's than jobs out there, the school I attended is spitting out about a dozen graduates every 3 weeks, it is always good to research before you take on a new career, and dont listen to admissions about shortages, the school is a business.

I am not giving up though, I will continue looking.


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have you tried LTC or NH facilities??


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Not in person, I usually call first to find out if they are hiring. I have also filled out applications online.


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I would suggest looking on in the healthcare or domestic gigs sections. That's where I got my PCT job when I was in nursing school. I worked for Senior Helpers with no experience, so you might try them or something similar. LTC or hospice might be good too.


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I am in the same boat.. I recently completed my CNA training and facing the NO EXPERIENCE challenge.. I was told by an agency that they needed at least one year's experience.. The hiring mgr said I should volunteer at an assisted livng facility/nursing home to get the experince. I just decided to start knocking on doors. This would get me into the facilities and give me a better feel if it would be a good fit for me. I also saw a story on GMA ( this morning about doing an externship for a job. This way, you get hands on experience that can be used on your resume. Also, could potiential lead you to a job. Lastly, network with as many CNA's as possible. I am at an advantage because I already work at an assisted living community in another capacity. They may know of a private duty opportunity or people/places that are hiring. The most important thing to remember. is if all else fails.. go back to basics.. Word of mouth.. tell everybody you know what you are trying to do.. and to keep their eyes/ears open for you !


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I am also a CNA looking work. I volunteer at a assisted living facility and still haven't had much luck. I was told by many places they wanted PCTs , yet their struggling to find work too.


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I was just hired by Senior Helpers. I know that they recently hired 3 more CNAs.


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During my CNA training, I walked into the nursing home nearest my house and asked to speak with whoever did the hiring. They directed me to the DON, who told me to come back after I got certified and fill out an application. I did exactly that and was told nothing was available for FT or PT. I asked if I could be PRN until something opened up. To my surprise, the DON hired me on the spot and asked when could I start. I was in orientation the following Monday.

I said all of this to say that sometimes you have to walk in, talk to people, and let them see a real face that wants the job. As they say, showing up is half the battle sometimes. A couple weeks after i started at the nursing home I got a job at a hospital (all of this without any prior healthcare experience) via an online application.

In this day and age you have to try every route possible. Word of mouth, who you know, online, in person, newspaper, emails, whatever. I just got a job at another hospital (I moved across town) simply by letting it be known to people I know that I'm looking for a job in that part of town. To my surprise, someone knew someone that worked in a hospital out that way and had the authority to hire me.

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