New to ClinIcals!!! 🏥

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Any nursing students have any advice for someone starting clinicals??? Studying??? What to expect??? ANY HELP WILL DO!!! Thanks ?

Be prepared for hours of care planning!

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pay attention to your objectives as they were designed to guide you thru this process. Expect to feel like a fly on the wall because you will not know what to do. ASK questions to anyone who will listen so you can learn. You will probably be assigned full care for at least one patient. If there is any down time, latch on to a licensed nurse or CNA and learn what you can. I learned a lot about patient transport and positioning from a CNA!!

Thanks everyone! I will do just that! One good thing for me is I have been a surgical tech for 13yrs. I will cling to the doctors & nurses during this time!!! Lol

@lolly621...are there any resourses out there to help with care planning???

There is not much studying involved with clinical's or care plans. But you will have pre-lab either the day before or before you begin your care your clinical day. During this time, you will learn your patients history, and will be expected to know what it means when asked so bring your books. Your instructor should tell you what books of yours will be need during clinical but at least bring a medical dictionary and your NIC, NOC, and NANDA books if they don't.

After your clinical day, you might have a post-confrence with your group and instructor to talk about your patient and what care your provided. Then schools usually give between 1-3 days to turn in a care plan depending out how extensive the type of care plan is.

Care plans usually take me between 4-6 hours, so plan your time wisely!

As your first rotation, you should expect to provide basic care to your patients such as vitals, bathing, brushing hair, getting the bed pan and emptying it, and using therapeutic communication. You will generally report back to the CNA's about what care your provided because this is the type of care they provide, but if you do not have CNAs or cannot find them, report to your nurse. You can also ask your nurse if they need anything else done for them.

Good luck!

Thank you so much Sunflower!! I so look forward to it! I am excited & pray I do well....

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Clinicals are stressful but probably my favorite thing about nursing school. My advice is to get out there and try to see and do as much as you can. Not only will you get experience, which is priceless because you need practice, but nurses will notice and seek you out to do or see cool things.

Thanks Iluvpatho..great advice!!! I will do it!!!

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